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Legal Scaleswis-injury.com is your source for information on personal injury, liability, insurance and compensation. There has been a traumatic event, usually an accident, medical bills are mounting, you or your loved one are no longer the same as they were before. Is there compensation available?


The human body was not made for the industrial age. Where as rural or primitive people, our greatest risk of injury may have been from predators and human enemies, our modern machines subject us to forces our bodies were not designed to withstand. Through advances in medical science, we have come to understand better the pathology of how our human tissue, bones and organs are injured in an accident.

When a bone is broken, it is obvious that this was the result of direct force against the bone. Likewise, when we are cut or struck by something, it also is clear what the cause, or mechanism of injury is. But as a result of the heights we climb, the speeds we travel, and the size of our vehicles, our bodies are often severely injured, without some direct or obvious force against the part of the body sustaining the injury.

There is an old joke about falling: it wasn't the falling that hurt, it was the stopping. This joke is exactly right. The injury in a fall is the result of not just the contact with part of our body against a hard object, such as the ground, but also because of the rapid change in speed of our bodies when they come into contact with the ground. This is why a fall from a high bridge will kill, even though the body comes into contact with a soft object, water. Because the body is moving so rapidly, even though it does not come to a complete stop at once, the change in speed is so dramatic, that it kills. Our bodies are only capable of withstanding the change in speed of routine movements.

It is this same basic principle that explains the so-called whiplash injury. Rapid changes in speed of the head and torso, commonly occurring in even minor vehicle damage accidents, can permanently damage the brain, neck, back and spinal cord.


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