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Brain Injury Resources

Legal Scaleswis-injury.com is your source for information on personal injury, liability, insurance and compensation. There has been a traumatic event, usually an accident, medical bills are mounting, you or your loved one are no longer the same as they were before. Is there compensation available?


Over the years I have chatted with many survivors and caregivers who tell me their lawyer specializes in TBI. Then they tell me their lawyer's name, and I have never heard of this person. In too many cases, this was a lawyer who had TV ads that told about how much he could recover, with no substance. Way too many times, the lawyers staff knew little or nothing about brain injury. There are undoubtedly great TBI lawyers out there who I do not know of. But a few questions from you should be able to give you a good idea of whether this attorney is involved in the brain injury field.

This is my suggested list of questions:

  • 1. What brain injury seminars has he or she attended?
  • 2. What brain injury seminars has he or she spoken?
  • 3. Is he or she a member, and check this out, of your state brain injury association?
  • 4. What service and financial contributions has he or she made to their state brain injury association?
  • 5. What trial lawyer groups that deal with brain injury, is he or she a member of?
  • 6. Do they have the kind of knowledge about brain injury that you have found on these web pages?

The Brain Injury Law Group handles cases, with local co-counsel, throughout the United States. We would like to talk to you about your case. Our staff knows as much about brain injury as I do, as all we do, is represent brain injured people.


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CAUTION: Sending email creates a serious problem with loss of confidentiality. Any email sent to someone who is not your attorney cannot be considered confidential, because email may lack the expectation of privacy, unless it is encrypted. MORE IMPORTANT, THE LAWYER YOU EMAIL MAY ALREADY BE YOUR ADVERSARY'S ATTORNEY. While these attorneys represent only injured persons, the circumstances of an accident may make someone as close as your spouse, your potential adversary.

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