Seven Bicyclists Have Been Killed on Wisconsin Roads—Since July 1st


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On Friday, another bicyclist has been fatally injured in the city of Fond du Lac. This crash involved a 62 year old man who was attempting to cross Johnson Street near the Forest Mall when he collided with a motor vehicle. The crash report has not yet been released.

Bicyclists are again reminded to always drive with the traffic flow, follow all rules of the road, and please, to prevent traumatic brain injuries, wear a helmet every time you ride.

Fredonia Man Sustains Head Injuries In 13-Foot Fall In Sheboygan


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A man suffered serious head injuries Thursday afternoon when he fell 13 feet off a loading platform at a former Adell Whey plant in Sheboygan.

The Sheyboygan Sheriff”s Department reported that Michael Meyer, 48, of Fredonia took the tumble about 3:30 p.m. at the MSC Nutritional Ingredients facility at 627 Maine Ave., whch once  housed Adell Whey Co. 

Truck driver Meyer, who works for Cedar Valley Cheese, was disoriented but conscious when a rescue crew came to the scene. But then Meyer was unconscious at one point, but came to while getting treated in an ambulance at the scene of the accident.

A Flight for Life helicopter flew Meyer to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in Wauwatosa, where he remained in satisfactory condition.



Wisconsin Father Sentenced To 10 Years In Beating Death Of Infant Son


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A Milwaukee father, who beat his 2-month-old son and put the infant in a coma for six monhs before he died, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years for first-degree reckless homicide.

The tragedy of the case is not only that Michael Cramer beat his son Matthew, inflicting traumatic brain injury on the baby. The tragedy is that the dead infant’s mother, Cramer’s father and his sister all came to the sentencing to plead to the judge to just let the defendant go home, not to jail.

The baby. Matthew Cramer,  was found with head trauma Feb. 17, 2009 . That’s the day the , his father, was taking  care of  him. The newborn went into a coma, and lingered in a comatose state for six months because Cramer wouldn’t agree to the hospital pulling life support. 

Initially Cramer was charged with child abuse. But after posting bail he took off  from Wisconsin to Illinois. 

A jury in Milwaukee County Circuit Court convicted Cramer of first-degree reckless homicide and bail jumping in April,

Even at the sentencing, Cramer continued to proclaim his innocence. He testified at his trial that he inadvertantly hurt his son while trying to resuscitate him during a sudden infant death syndrome spell. 

But experts testified that the baby’s bleeding around the brain, his subdural  hemorraging and retinal bleeding weren’t consistent with Cramer’s story about his attempts to revive the infant. 

Judge Kevin Marlens sentenced Cramer to 10 years and nine months in prison.