Family Blames Target For Selling Toy Box That Pinned Down Their Daughter, Causing Brain Damage


Posted on 9th March 2010 by Gordon Johnson in Uncategorized

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Sometimes the most seemingly harmless objects can inflict tragic damage. In the case of a family in Pennsylvania, the object was a wicker toy box.

The couple in Cranberry, Pa., has filed suit against the retailer Target over the toy box, which they alleged did traumatic brain damage to their daughter, Camryn Surman, 18 months old.

The lid of the toy box closed on the toddler’s neck last July, pinning her down and choking her. Camryn’s mother has medical training, and tried to resuscitate the child. But the young girl had already sustained brain damage.

The family doesn’t know how long Camryn was trapped by the toy box lid, which cut off the supply of oxygen to her brain.

In their lawsuit, the Surmans charge that Target failed to want consumers about the potential danger of the toy box.

In the past 20 years toy-box-lid accidents have killed 45, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which now mandates supports to prevent the lids from doing what they did to Camryn. It’s unclear whether the Target toy box had the supports, and they didn’t work, of if it didn’t have them, and if so, why not.

Camryn is in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, can’t move her limbs, is on a feeding tube and can’t speak, according to the attorney for the Surmans.